A communications script for implementing layoffs. Reductions in force RIFs unfortunately have become all too common in the landscape of U. In many cases, the announcements are made so quickly that managers and employees never see them coming. How do you keep morale alive for the remaining staff and allay their fears about job security? Equally important, how do you protect your company from legal exposure in terms of the documents you write when going through the layoff selection process?

Today will be your last day of work with us, and we have information to share with you regarding your severance package, COBRA and unemployment insurance. Are you OK? Out of respect for the other people involved, I would ask that you say as little as possible today.

sample layoff announcement to employees

We would prefer to tell the affected employees ourselves; we want to avoid people hearing about this through the grapevine if we can help it. In addition, I know that some people prefer to leave quietly while others want to say goodbye to a few close friends. How do you think you would like to handle that? Thank you for all you have done for us. If you speak softly and with genuine concern, most employees will appreciate your sincere approach. After your opening statement, expect some employees to question the reasoning behind the RIF:.

Answer: It was a business decision. The people who are attached to those jobs then get laid off. I want you to know that you could be considered for rehire once the hiring freeze is lifted. For now, though, understand that we had to eliminate one position, and, purely from a functional standpoint, your position made the most sense. Travis is here with us from human resources to discuss some of the details related to your severance package and other important benefits details relating to this layoff.

I have more longevity than she does. However, I want you to know that we considered tenure in our decision. We also looked at performance appraisals, progressive disciplinary warnings, attendance records, education levels, and skills and technical certifications when determining who would be qualified to assume the remaining duties after the reduction-in-force. We determined that, based on all that historical information along with our evaluation of who would work best in the post-layoff environment, you would be selected for layoff.

Are there any other questions I could answer for you? It gives employees a chance to express their concerns publicly and hear directly from you what occurred. As you may know, two members of our department have been laid off. The company has provided the affected employees with a severance package and is working with them through this transition. I wanted to let you all know to allay any fears you might have about your own job security right now. I know I can count on your support in doing the same.

I also want to remind you that if you get any reference-checking phone calls from prospective employers or headhunters, those calls are to be referred to me. I will in turn pass them along to human resources as per company policy. I appreciate your patience and understanding, and I look forward to moving beyond this difficult period. Line managers often are asked to select individuals for layoffs based on certain criteria.When an employer lays off employees, the employees deserve to receive the termination information in a termination letter.

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Use this sample layoff termination letter as a model to craft your own letters. Your employees warrant your care and attention during a layoff situation. This sample termination letter is an example of the type of letter you might write to employees your business is forced to lay off due to economic factors. You care about the employees and regret having to make layoffs. The health of the business requires you to terminate the employment of some of your employees.

You take this action with a heavy heart. Employers do layoffs with the assistance of an attorney to make sure that their layoffs are legal and non-discriminatory.

Your layoff documentationsuch as the termination letter, should be reviewed by your attorney, too. The attorney can guide you to make certain that everything about your layoffs is fair, kind, professional, and above board. It is also important for the layoffs to appear fair, just, and nondiscriminatory in the eyes of the employees whom you retain following a layoff situation.

They are going to experience the brunt of the missing colleagues in terms of the work, relationships, the environment, and their concern about their own employment future.

To ensure the commitment of your remaining employees, you need to effectively communicate the reasons for the layoff, how people were selected for the layoff, and what you did to ensure that the laid-off employees had a bridge to their future via such actions as a severance package.

Under normal circumstances, the manager or supervisor and a representative from Human Resources will hold a layoff meeting with each employee. The follow-up layoff termination letter summarizes what was said at the meeting.

This is an example of a layoff termination letter. Download the layoff termination letter template compatible with Google Docs and Word Online or see below for more examples. Business City, NY This letter confirms our discussion today that you are being laid off from your employment with Fogerty Subscriptions effective immediately.

Unfortunately, economic conditions in the industry have resulted in slow sales. We decided to eliminate the quality department and all positions in it. Quality functions will move to the manufacturing department and be handled by existing employees in that department.

In your case, with 12 years of employment, you will receive 12 weeks of severance pay at your normal weekly salary. During this time period, we will continue to provide health insurance coverage.

Additionally, payment for your accrued PTO will be included in your final paycheck which you will receive on our regular payday, Friday. You may pick up this check from the reception desk or we can mail it to your home. You will receive the severance payment once you have signed and returned the enclosed release of claims document. You can expect a separate benefits status letter that will outline the status of your benefits upon termination.

We have received from you: your office key, identification badge, and the company-owned laptop at the layoff meeting. You will need to keep the company informed of your contact information so that we are able to provide the information you may need in the future such as your W-2 form.As anticipated, the recent merger with Doe Associates has resulted in overlap of some functions.

Consequently, it is necessary to reduce our work force in those areas in which we have significant duplication of effort. Those affected will be notified by May Our personnel office will hold a series of meetings at the end of May to discuss unemployment insurance benefits and to help those affected secure new jobs. We will notify the affected employees with their next paychecks. Laid-off employees will receive one month's severance pay. On Friday, November 29, at p.

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We will discuss severance benefits, including health insurance, retirement plan distributions, and unemployment benefits.

We urge all interested to attend. We truly appreciate your years of service to Doe Corporation. Unfortunately, this layoff was unavoidable. We wish you success in your future endeavors. Doe Auto Performance is feeling the crunch of these economic times.

Most consumers lack the disposable income we count on for our bread and butter. Jane Doe can help you with such matters as the continuation of your health plans and details of the severance package. We very much regret that we must take this step.

A Scripted Layoff

With any luck we will be recalling some or all of you within the next few months. Until then, we wish you well in your endeavors. It has become necessary for us to announce a temporary layoff of all of our production staff. Demand for our product has slowed, as it usually does at this time of year.

Beginning November 25, the plant will be closed until January 2. Health insurance and other employee benefits will continue during the layoff.

88 Businesses And Organizations Plan To Lay Off 14,000 Employees

We expect to resume our normal production schedule in January. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of all our employees and anticipate working together again in the new year.

When this letter becomes a necessity, write it in a direct yet sensitive way. The information must be clear and complete, so you are not bombarded with questions after the announcement.At this time, we do not know for certain how many and which employees will be affected by the layoffs.

We do, however, want employees to be aware of this situation and to plan accordingly.

Layoff Letter

Supervisors will be kept informed and will communicate the status of the restructuring process to employees on a regular basis. Employees having concerns about their employment status should see their supervisors for the latest reports. Yours truly. These free letters are for everyone who can not put words together to express themselves. Found any bugs in any of our letters? Please report us at support brainmeasures. Have Something to say about site, or just want to say hello, get in touch at feedback brainmeasures.

Search Letters. Online Letters. Business Letter. About OnlineLetters These free letters are for everyone who can not put words together to express themselves. Report a Bug Found any bugs in any of our letters? Feedback Have Something to say about site, or just want to say hello, get in touch at feedback brainmeasures.Layoff Announcement Email is written to announce a temporary layoff of the employees. Formal letter apologizing and mentioning the reason behind the procedure.

As you all must be aware of the situations and realities of the deteriorating economy of our company, it saddens me to announce a temporary layoff of all the staff members of the accounting sector.

All the important information and notification relating to this layoff would be sent to all the employees and the staff members latest by this week.

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Senior managers of the company have given us the approval to take this decision to curb the deteriorating economic conditions of the company. The layoff is not permanent and all the employees would be transferred to a new job post if possible. We want to talk to the affected employees and discuss with them about their severance benefits, plan distributions and guide them for their follow up job posts and hence we are planning of organizing a meeting for the same.

All of you are requested to be a part of this meeting and raise your desired queries. We really appreciate your hard work and contributions to this company.

We are extremely sorry, the layoff was truly unavoidable. All the best for your future endeavors! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Pages Privacy Policy. Return to top of page.When your company has to have a reduction in force or layoff event, there are many things to fret over. How do you notify those being let go?

How do you provide outplacement support? What day should you hold the layoff meeting? These issues are extremely important because you want the event to go over smoothly if you hope to not damage your employer or corporate reputation, which can impact your bottom line by having your existing staff look for work elsewhere or top notch talent passing you by for other companies.

This is why it is important to talk to your surviving staff members after a layoff has occurred and set a good example while conducting layoffs in general. This brief guide will help you better understand how to motivate your surviving workforce to make sure that they do not jump ship if you should ever need to hold a RIF or a layoff. The best way to make sure that your staff feels okay after a layoff is to do everything in your power to make sure the actual event goes off without a hitch.

Feel free to browse some of our helpful content here:. There is still an ROI for exiting staff members because they can tarnish your reputation on sites like Glassdoor and even coax their friends and old coworkers to stop using your products or to abandon your company.

How to Lay Off Employees: A Scripted Guide on What, and What NOT, to Say

You want people to leave your organization with their heads held high, knowing that you have done everything you can to minimize the negative impact on them during a layoff or RIF. To do this, make sure you follow the best practices that go over how a layoff event should unfold.

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Outplacement services help your employees get back to work in a new role faster, allowing you to ensure that they are in great hands and will land on their feet.

This also shows that you care about your employees even when they make an exit from your organization, which in turn shows your surviving staff that if they were to for some reason get laid off that they will also have a support system.

By holding a great if you can call it that layoff event, you can help your exiting staff members while also ensuring that your existing staff will stick around and stay engaged. Chances are, depending on your company size, surviving individuals might have had a friend laid off, leaving a bad taste in their mouths and also making them a little emotional or distressed.

This is completely normal. Emotions run high across the board during any reduction event. Even if you are trying to stave off a RIF by using furloughs or other activities, employees will read between the lines and guess that the business is somehow failing.

This where various forms of communication come into play.

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You can, if you wish, hold a meeting before the layoff that explains to your staff what is happening, how the event will be carried out, and give them time to ask questions. However, not many organizations like holding a big meeting that details the whole process, deciding to instead use email or small meetings to announce and carry out the RIF or layoff.

A follow up meeting is a great way to touch base with your staff, giving them a way to ask their questions and for you to calm nerves. During this turbulent time, you should always give off an air of confidence and calmness to your staff members.

In other words, be a leader. Show them, not just through words, but with actions, that the event was necessary and that those let go have been given tools to succeed. CEDR Solutionsan HR consulting firm, explains that promoting teamwork during these events can help the surviving staff cope with the increased stress.

They also say that honesty is the best policy when it comes to a layoff. Your employees will see right through this and they will distrust you even more. This is a tricky thing to give advice on, because it largely depends on your organization and how you normally communicate. The best advice is to be calm, collected, and open. You need to be transparent about why the event was necessary, whether or not it is a RIF or a temporary layoff, and about your business goals going forward.

If you treat your exiting staff members with the respect and dignity they deserve, paying close attention to their success after they make their exit, you surviving staff will already not worry as much. No one wants to think they may not have a job in the future. If you hit all of these points in a small, quick speech, you will help settle the nerves of the retaining staff members.

When it comes to layoff communication, you must be open, honest, and willing to help everyone involved. Whether that is providing outplacement services to those being let go or helping the retained staff members cope, it falls on you and your management team to navigate these troubled waters.

We highly suggest you take a look at our layoff script, layoff letter, and other resources to ensure you are well-rounded in your communication plan.This blog post is the fourth in our blog series dedicated to the best practices in performing a reduction in staff. One of the main sources of stress is rooted in the uncertainty managers face when walking into a notification meeting —the meeting where an employer officially informs the employee of his or her termination.

Not knowing how an employee will react to the news, nor how to respond to the possible reactions, are two main anxieties associated with the layoff process. Below is a scripted guide on how a notification meeting might take place. Although not meant to represent the ideal conversation, the script below is intended to act as a starting point in developing your own notification script as you approach a reduction in force.

It covers the three main elements that are commonly covered in a notification meeting. To begin, nail down the logistics. Pick a time that will limit disruption to the business and allow the employee to leave the building relatively privately if they wish to do so. As you decide on the where and when, make sure you loop in others who may need to be present at the layoff notification meeting.

sample layoff announcement to employees

In general, layoff meetings include the affected employee, their manager, an HR representative, and a member of the security team, if needed. Last but not least, prepare what you will say.

Be ready to talk about why the decision to lay off the employee was made, and prepare a script to help ensure you cover all the details you need to go over with the affected employee in a clear, professional, and empathetic manner.

The temptation to beat around the bush is high at the top of the meeting, and often the first mistake is giving into the temptation to use small talk to stall the real conversation.

But no amount of small talk will soften the blow, and worse, it may confuse by making the news of the termination all the more unexpected than if it were delivered straight away.

We suggest getting to the point quickly. The goal of the notification meeting is to deliver the news to a colleague succinctly, with empathy and in a manner that allows the employee to retain their dignity.

Manager : Hi [Name]. Thank you for meeting with me today. Deliver the verbal notice. Remember to speak slowly and calmly. We do not have another position for you. This means you are being laid off and Human Resources will work with you to complete your transition.

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Here is your official Notice of Layoff. Hand the written notice or letter to the employee. Allow the employee time to read it and process the information. Manager : This decision was made after a long and careful review of the options, realizing that many good people would be affected. This has been a very difficult decision and was not easily made.

I want you to know that it has been reviewed at the highest levels within the company and it is a final decision. As you may know, we are in a time of reorganization.

sample layoff announcement to employees

It is a final decision. Pay attention to your pace and delivery as your body language and intonation will help set the tone of the meeting. Manager : Do you have any questions? The employee will usually lead the conversation at this point. Answer questions directly, honestly and appropriately. You should have prepared answers to the most common questions prior to your meeting and you should expect reactions that could range from professional to emotional behavior.

Objections can come in many forms.

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