Among these, we also received questions of concerned owners. They wanted to know how to recognize problems in the MCU of their cars. Jason Hughes and Robert Cotran helped us once again.

Not only them: people that had issues with the eMMC flash memory chip also told us their stories. Jim Alger does not have one Model S.

He has four of them, one for each family member, all bought between and That is how much of a Tesla enthusiast he was. They just do things that annoy the hell out of me sometimes, things that are completely unnecessary.

He says that his cars were mostly trouble-free for most of this time. The only issue he had was with the replacement of motors under warranty until about three months ago. A second one has gotten a little glitchy, but so far, it seems OK. Before telling us more about the problems, Alger wanted us to know about a recent 5,mile cross country trip with one of his Model S vehicles.

It already hadmiles on the odometer. This MCU issue is really a time bomb in the car. While some of our readers said there was no point in complaining about the problem, Alger begs to disagree. By the time it happens, of course, a lot of these cars will be out of warranty. In my opinion, that is not OK. Another mistake Alger wanted to correct relates to the ones that believe anyone who bought the FSD package will have an entirely new MCU for free. In fact, almost a year and a half.

As you know, the MCU that is in all of these cars made before will fail. Full stop. There is a harness adapter that is required.

Tesla MCU1 to MCU2 retrofit and FSD upgrade insights shared by Model S owner

I just bought the parts and did it. Where there is a will They have retrofitted the automatic charge port door, which takes a little bit of work but still has been done.

tesla mcu flash

And there are multiple cases of people retrofitting MCUs. That is precisely one of the symptoms Jason Hughes, from Technology, tells our readers to pay attention to.

Browser not working at all — blank white page no matter what. Robert Cotran, from Cotran Consulting, mentions some more ways to discover the problem in time to prevent it — or to ask for a replacement under warranty.

Even if the MCU dies in the middle of nowhere, the car will still continue to drive. That is one thing that you cannot take away from Tesla. There are very few things that can go wrong with the car to actually strand you on your trip. Our other Tesla Model S owner cannot say the same. Rick prefers not to have his full name disclosed. He spontaneously got in touch when we first published the article about the eMMC issue.When Elon Musk said Tesla cars are computers on wheels, he forgot to mention they run on Linux.

They also do a lot of logging. According to Jason Hughes, from Technology, more than they should:. Unless a developer has a specific reason for enabling it, it does the customer no good.

These logs are also rarely downloaded by Tesla. Why are we telling this? The text is already corrected. Check out the embedded tweet below:. The reports about the problem come from three different shops in three very different places.

He kindly provided us the MCU pictures for this article. Pete Gruber's work, from Gruber Motorsdeserved a whole series of videos from Out of Spec Motoring that we talked about here. He is in Phoenix, Arizona. All three helped us explain the failure. More than that, they aim to warn Tesla owners that the clock is ticking for all of them. Regardless of your car, the logging will require replacing your MCU sooner or later.

Flash memory is generally only rated for some tens of thousands of write cycles. What happens is that the flash memory starts to fail when writings can no longer be completed. When one block fails, parts of the firmware may also become unreadable, leading to poor operation or failure of the MCU completely. Although these are solid-state and great for automotive use, there is one pretty serious drawback.

Each memory bit on a flash chip can only be written to a limited number of times before data gets corrupt — and that bit can no longer reliably store a 0 or a 1. These chips have since been replaced with a more robust version. If you still did not understand what happens, every Tesla has an MCU, or media control unit. When it fails, the car loses important features controlled by the touchscreen.

That may make driving it dangerous, as these threads on TeslaMotorsClub. When the cars started to be sold, at the beginning of the s, logging was not an issue. Hughes said:.

In other words, the firmware is now competing with logs for space on the eMMC chip. When the log writing wears a sector of the chip, it uses a mechanism called wear leveling. Cotran explains the process:. It spreads out write operations over the entire chip to ensure that specific bits are not written to very often, essentially avoiding the write limitation. With Tesla utilizing near percent of the flash memory today, there is no free space left for additional wear leveling to compensate for the excessive log writing.

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Simply put, there comes a time in which the eMMC flash memory fails. Cotran told InsideEVs :. You can either lose data or core functionality can start to fail depending on where the corruption occurs.

When that takes place, Tesla just replaces the whole MCU. If your car is still under its warranty period, that is for free. If coverage is no longer valid, you will have to pay the bill.Once a case is filed. Submitting your information here does not guarantee representation and doing so does not constitute representation.

UPDATE: Tesla Cars Have A Memory Problem That May Cost You A Lot To Repair

If you want legal representation, please contact your own local law firm. You are not represented by anyone at this time legally.

Must have taken to Tesla Service to get documented diagnosis. Did you buy your Tesla New or Used? Here's what we know:. Numerous safety systems, charging, climate and other functions controlled by the MCU are shut down. Since the memory is hard soldered to the MCU, the only way to repair is to replace the entire MCU, which Tesla will not replace outside of warranty.

Every Tesla made since to is affected. How to prevent? No one at Tesla or you will ever read this log later for any reason. Tesla can easily fix this error by suppressing this in an update. Tesla knows this failure will occur around year 3 or 4, usually outside of warranty.

They will expect you to pay for their damages to your car. If your 17" MCU Screen is black and won't turn on, this is what has happened to you. Your flash memory has been corrupted and subsequently your MCU is now dead because the unit has no memory to work from. The clock starts over again and eventually the new MCU will also die.

If you are experiencing this failure.The Model 3 has fewer processors, but still quite a few. Mar Update. The MCU is responsible for the main display, all external communications, audio, cellular, navigation, and settings.

It has little to do with Autopilot, other than selecting various settings. More details are available on the Tesla Infotainment Upgrade page. There are actually two MCU1 variants, with different connectors. The internals is basically the same in both variants.

The red arrow shows the connector change. The older is no longer made. For older cars, the newer part can be used with an adapter. All of the variants include LTE. MCU2 offers slightly snapper operation, WiFi was upgraded to support 5 GHz, the Bluetooth was upgraded with a newer version and additional antennas external to the MCU2along with other minor changes.

The Model 3 architecture is different, with the display and MCU in separate modules. HW1 — First Autopilot, based on the Mobileye chip. It used a single camera, radar, and 12 medium-range ultrasonic sensors. The electronics are co-located with the camera, behind the rearview mirror.

This ECU is located below the glove box. This version also made possible two non-autopilot features — dashcam and sentry mode with locally saved video. It is expected to have 3x the performance of HW3.

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Multiple same filters for a pixel increases the light sensitivity. With RCCB, there is no green filter to improve nighttime light sensitivity, and green can be calculated to make a color image for the dashcam. HW3 upgrades were started for HW2. For owners of HW2. We suspect the HW3 retrofit could offer at least a monochrome dashcam on HW2. Tesla states that the retrofit with HW3 FSD provides dashcam features, but we have yet to confirm it.

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The Tesla Autopilot terminology has changed over the years. The first Autopilot system, using one camera, is now informally referred to as AP1.

tesla mcu flash

Starting with the new hardware HW2. Those owners that purchased EAP will continue to get all of the EAP features and are expected to receive upgrades in the future. The following feature chart only applies to vehicles made on Aug and later. Earlier cars do not have any of these features. As of the start ofTesla offers a level 2 type of autonomous automation option. Tesla announced in April that FSD will be feature complete by the end of internal and may be partially available to customers in summer depending on regulations.

Complete FSD will depend on regulatory approvals in each jurisdiction, perhaps at the end of for the USA and later for other countries.

Keep in mind there are conditions where FSD will not work, conditions where humans should not drive either, although some humans foolishly try. Some of these conditions include:.

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For We suspect at some point FSD may even be tied into the weather network to determine if there will be an impediment to reaching the destination and advise of the issue. Username or Email.There has been a flurry of recent issues about and earlier TESLAs being vulnerable to complete system fail presumably in regards complete loss of capacity of flash memory storage due to excessive data logging.

Two links among many are provided below. This presumably requires a not inexpensive replacement for cars out of warranty, plus the nuisance of potentially having to have a vehicle towed to a service center.

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At this point, it seems difficult to sort out fact from faction on this issue, and I haven't seen it discussed in this Forum although perhaps I missed it. Questions I have include: If it is an excessive data logging issue, can some of the data logging functions be remotely disabled to minimize the likelihood this occurs?

What are the factors of vehicle usage that lead to this being likely to happen, total amount of mileage driven, mileage driven in new locations, something related to multimedia usage? Can TESLA provide a report to customers regarding available storage with warnings regarding minimum time to fail? Both are trying to get clicks, and now they have a couple of mine. There is an echo going on here, just like everything else on the internet. All three blame logging to the chip as the reason it fails, no one really explains how they know this.

So a car with 30k miles has less wear than my 90D with 80K miles. My answer to that is - yup. I know with some of the updates there are plenty of people here pointing out how not-perfect things are.

How many different places parroted articles every time a Tesla catches fire or autopilot is involved in a crash? People need clicks to feed their families. This wouldn't be the first time a company found out the hard way that a part wasn't suitable. My original comment certainly showed no excitement, but was just trying to create a Forum for additional information as it comes out. I had read the InsideEV article, too. We are all certainly aware of the fear-and-loathing TESLA misinformation spawned by oil company shills, but this issue seems to have some valid technical basis.

Software fixes to reduce what gets logged to essentials should be possible, and, if so, it wouldn't surprise me that we might hear something on that soon.This site is still being rennovated. Please excuse us while we work to provide you with the best experience!

Note: Due to extremely high service volume, we are unable to accommodate any additional MCU repair inquiries at this time. We perform all of these services at our location in Hickory, NC. We can usually schedule an appointment for you to bring your vehicle, or we can arrange shipping for your vehicle.

Aternatively, we can work with just the MCU itself, shipped to our location. If you're not sure which service is right for you, see our FAQ below, or Contact Us and we'll be happy to help. Some base pricing is listed below for some related services. Pricing does not include sales tax if applicable or shipping to or from our facility, and some situations may require additional labor.

Most services have some lead time. Many MCU services done with shipped components take around a week. Please see our FAQ below, and contact us with any questions.

Always contact us before shipping any components to us. What exactly is the issue with MCU v1 that I've been hearing about? Tesla vehicles with MCU v1 Model S and X vehicles built before roughly February are starting to suffer failures due to flash memory wear.

This can cause anything from long load times and sluggishness all the way to a complete failure of the MCU black screen, not booting. The root cause is Tesla's excessive use of logging on the infotainment portion of the system separate from the normal vehicle logs, which are written to an internal SD card and don't affect this issue.

There is generally no reason to keep such logs on such a setup beyond development purposes, but Tesla's software will cycle this portion of flash memory multiple times per day. These flash chips are usually only rated for an average of 5, to 10, write cycles before failing. The automotive environment high heat, large temperature swings, etc tends to shorten the life of flash memory in general, as well. Since the used flash memory chip is a hard wired and mostly non-serviceable component, failure of this usually means replacement of the entire MCU is required to correct the issue.

Do I have MCU v1 in my car? Does this issue affect me? In short, no. The longer version: Technically all of the Tesla vehicles suffer from flash wear due to excessive logging. Model 3 and MCU v2 vehicles have larger flash memories, which will mitigate the issue for quite some time.

tesla mcu flash

Hopefully before it becomes an issue, Tesla will fix the underlying problem via a software update. Overall, there isn't much that can be done about this on Model 3 or MCU v2 vehicles at the moment anyway. How do I know if my car's flash memory is failing? If the MCU stays black and does not function at all.More details are available on the Tesla Infotainment Upgrade page.

Additional improvements not mentioned, include an updated display with no yellow banding issues, flash memory that should last about 4 to 8 times longer than the memory used in MCU1, and the ability for future features that will not work in MCU1.

Created Mar As of this writing, we are unaware of anyone taking this path. The radio is mounted to the left of the steering column behind the padded dash panel. There are two modules next to each other.

The left module is the premium amplifier for cars with UHFS, and the right module is the radio tuner. It may be helpful to see a video on Removing MCU1. It shows some of the steps we outline above as well.

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One could also cut off the existing connector and wire it to a new connector that fits the digital radio. Your tolerance for modifications may be higher than mine! The digital radio is much smaller and is mounted on a bracket that fits into the same spot where the analog radio resided on older cars. It has the same style antenna connections shown on the right but a different data connector on the left. There are no AM radio electronics in this module, so there is zero hope for those that want AM radio.

The digital radio is made by Harman now a Samsung company and manufactured in Mexico. The radio module, not including the bracket, looks very similar to the Model 3 FM radio, which has a third connector to power the antenna amplifier. You would have to fabricate a new bracket. Username or Email. Remember me.

What Warnings Does The Tesla MCU Provide Before Giving Up?

Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to reset your password via email. Username or E-mail. TeslaTap Great info on Tesla's current vehicle features, desired features, books, links, undocumented and modifications! Created Mar Options Available. Disassembly steps 1 through 7.

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