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Some of the features on CT. All previously enacted executive orders on all closures, distancing, and safety measures have been extended through at least May For the latest information and guidance, visit ct. Nobody can stop a flood. But if you are faced with one, there are actions you can take to protect your family and keep your property losses to a minimum. Mitigation helps! It lessens the damaging effects from flooding. Participating in the National Flood Insurance Program NFIP and enforcing sound floodplain management techniques are steps your community can undertake.

Constructing barriers such as levees will also help reduce the amount of damage to your home and crops, while purchasing flood insurance reduces the financial burden should a flood or flash flood occur.

What is your flood risk? Your community officials or local emergency management office are your best resources to learn about the history of flooding for your region. Ask whether your property is in the floodplain and if it is above or below the flood stage water level.

FIRMs are found in several places for your convenience:. If you live in a frequently flooded area, take preventative measures and stockpile emergency building materials:. Flood dangers do not end when the water begins to recede.

Listen to a radio or television and don't return home until authorities indicate it is safe to do so. Remember to help your neighbors who may require special assistance--infants, elderly people, and people with disabilities.

One of the most important things that you can do to protect your home and family before a flood is to purchase a flood insurance policy. You can obtain one through your insurance company or agent. Don't wait until a flood is coming to purchase your policy.

It normally takes 30 days after purchase for a flood insurance policy to go into effect.

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Check for gas leaks--If you smell gas or hear blowing or hissing noise, open a window and quickly leave the building. Turn off the gas at the outside main valve if you can and call the gas company from a neighbor's home. If you turn off the gas for any reason, it must be turned back on by a professional. Look for electrical system damage--If you see sparks or broken or frayed wires, or if you smell hot insulation, turn off the electricity at the main fuse box or circuit breaker.

If you have to step in water to get to the fuse box or circuit breaker, call an electrician for advice. Check for sewage and water line damage--If you suspect sewage lines are damaged avoid using the toilets and call a plumber.

If water pipes are damaged, contact the water company and avoid the water from the tap. You can obtain safe water by melting ice cubes. Connecticut State Department of Public Health.Embankments blocked swollen upstream rivers from emptying south, leaving Nepal to deal with two or three times more flooding than India in some areas, according to local officials. Now, India has become a chief target of anger and bitterness in Nepal as border communities take stock of losses from the floods.

In recent decades, India has tried to protect low-lying areas by building hilly buffers stretching hundreds of miles along a porous border. But the embankments have come under increasing scrutiny. Nepali officials say they have little control over many of these projects and that India — its bigger and richer neighbor — has been constructing them unilaterally for years, violating international guidelines on transboundary water sharing.

The embankments are built largely near Indian border towns or in the buffer zone between the countries. They said Nepal has little say over when the drains are opened and that water pooled near Gaur and other border towns, causing deaths and destruction.

Trapped on his roof in Nepal, Shiva Mangal Raut tried swimming to a grocery store to restock on food. Hours later, he was found dead in a paddy field near the town of Gaur, one of at least 20 people who died in the district during the July flooding. Gyawali said. Farmers on either side of the border rely on soil saturation during the monsoon to irrigate crops in the region, which is bone-dry for much of the year. Flood prone areas in Bihar have increased about threefold since the s. Scientists predict that at least one-third of the Himalayas, which extend through Nepal, will melt by In nearby Bangladesh, with its marshy, low-lying wetlands, rising seas may push millions of climate refugees into India.

Eugene Simonov, a Russian conservationist with Rivers Without Boundaries, an organization that works to preserve transboundary river basins, said the embankments were not sustainable. He said India and Nepal faced difficult futures if they did not devise environmentally friendly solutions tried in places like Germany, where towns along the Rhine are adapting buildings to floods.

Simonov said. Dams have also been built to harness several thousand rivers in Nepal that help fill water bodies in India like the Ganges. Anger over the embankments occasionally bursts into public view. Infights broke out when India tried to build a levee in a buffer zone near the Nepali district of Saptari. Dev Narayan Yadav, one of hundreds of Nepalis who blocked construction, said he was beaten during the clashes, when protesters hurled stones and at least a dozen people were injured. Later, he said, Indian officials briefly jailed him and his son for instigating violence.

Apart from tricky diplomacy, water experts questioned the safety of the embankments. Dinesh Kumar Mishra, an Indian engineer who works on water issues in Biharsaid the buffers block rivers from naturally spreading sediment. Buildup of soil near these structures means engineers must regularly raise their heights or risk breaches.

In Gaur, with its shimmering rice fields and modest brick homes, many people said they were furious at how things played out when the flooding started on July As water levels rose to around 10 feet, rescue workers in rubber boats motored through the wreckage to reach people trapped on their roofs. Many took shelter in schools and government complexes. Kiran Thapa, the chief officer for the district of Rautahat, which includes Gaur, said he repeatedly called the district magistrate in India to open sluice gates to drain some of the water.

But Mr. Thapa said the official in India did not return his calls, and that only two sluice gates were opened after the worst of the flooding.It works alright, but only when securely mounted and bolted down. The problem is two fold Enter my solution.

It involves mounting the tire changer to a 3" steel C channel and hinging it to my welding table. At over 3 tons, my welding table isn't going to move anywhere.

So here are the photos. I didn't take any along the way when I was making it. Sorry the photos are grainy, I did a quick rebatch to make them ready for the web and it didn't come out too well. The first two photos show it in the "in use" position. The third photo shows it with the one arm folding in, and the last photo is it folded against the table.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments you have on it. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. I have the exact same tire changer. I made an improvement you may like to use too. I'll take a picture and post it later. Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. That would be great. I'm having a hard time seeing in my head how this mod looks.

I can't wait to see it. Ok, here are the promised pictures. It works about a thousand times better with this improvement. Gosh, maybe I should do an ible about it. Well I' know what I'll be doing today! Thanks again for the improvement and the photos. By inchman Megageek Technologies Follow.

More by the author:. About: "Black socks and Birkenstocks do not maketh the geek. I would argue that the essence of geekitude comes from within. To the true geek, it's not enough that things work. He or she must know how things work. Add Teacher Note. Did you make this project? Share it with us!

How to Mount a Tire Changer Without Bolting to the Floor

I Made It! Table Saw Class 16, Enrolled. Reply Upvote.All rights reserved. When the annual monsoon rains come and send the Hooghly River over its banks, rickshas are the best way to get around Kolkata CalcuttaIndia. Here, a drenched ricksha puller pauses for a photo in ankle-deep water near a market. Flash flooding is the most hazardous weather disaster in the United States.

Floods cause power outages, damage infrastructure, trigger landslidesand can be deadly. Heavy rainfall in a short period of time causes water to rise rapidly, elevating the risk of flooding. Flash floods occur with little warning, but flooding can also develop slowly after rain ceases. Though most people associate hurricanes with wind damage, flooding poses one of the biggest threats from the storms. Hurricane Harvey in dropped 60 inches of rain in some parts of Texas, creating massive flooding hazards.

Inflooding from Hurricane Katrina caused a majority of the damage when old levees failed during the storm. Here are some safety tips to help you prepare for rising water—and what to do once a flood has begun. No other kind of natural disaster in the United States has caused more death and destruction than floods. One of the biggest ways to protect yourself and your property is to prepare ahead of time.

This includes:. Read Caption.

Heavy Rains Flood Parts of Ohio, Stranding Residents

Flood safety tips Flooding is one of the most destructive natural hazards. Learn how to minimize your risk. By Jenny Howard.

Floods No other kind of natural disaster in the United States has caused more death and destruction than floods.

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Avoid building in a floodplain —an area especially prone to flooding during heavy rains. If you do live in a floodplainconsider buying flood insurance to help with losses if, and when, a flood occurs. Construct barriers levees, beams, floodwalls to stop floodwater from entering your home. Sandbags can provide a temporary levee in an emergency.

Seal walls in basements with waterproofing compounds to avoid seepage.

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Pay attention to weather forecasts. When heavy rain or storms are forecasted, listen to the radio or television for information on flooding risk. A watch means flooding is possible. A warning means flooding is occurring or will occur soon. Have an emergency plan and practice survival skills, like first aid and how to disinfect water. Be prepared! Assemble an emergency kit in case you need to evacuate.

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Don't forget to include necessary prescription medications and a small first aid kit. Charge cell phone batteries and any reusable batteries for flashlights. Heed evacuation warnings.The standard disclaimers pertaining to the information contained on this wiki page are listed here. DIYC member rfallatt arranged to buy over lights from the building and offered them to users via a group buy in August There was a mixture of working and bad units sold.

The bad units suffered from water entering either the control module or the power supply and shorting out the boards. It appears that the water may have wicked up the inside of the power and data cords and caused the issues. Some of the bad units had the glass face plate broken. They were a public stock company until when Phillips purchased them.

Significant Severe Storms in the Southern U.S. Sunday

They appear to have shut down operations in late The manufacture date on the units is lateand based on information, they units were removed from service in The address programming packets have been decoded and there are several ways to program new DMX addresses into the units. These units will fall back to a test sequence if the DMX signal is not applied.

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The test sequence is a series of color fades. The units also come with a ethernet cable attached and the control protocol has not been established for using it. The power and DMX cable come out of the base of the mounting bracket thru the waterproof cable holders.

The ethernet cable is tucked inside the base of the mounting bracket and has a rubber waterproof sleeve on the end. The main housing has the sealed LED Assembly attached to the front and has an internal compartment on the back that is open to the environment that houses the waterproof Control Module and the waterproof Power Supply. The flood lights have 48 Luxeon LEDs mounted in a sealed module on the front of the unit.

Proxmox desktop

There are 16 each of Red, Blue and Green. This video shows how to test the LED Assembly when removed from the housing. The Control Module is mounted inside a waterproof housing and is attached to the rear heatsink with a generous amount of heatsink compound.

Inside of the Control Module there a main control board with a Ethernet Module daughter board. The ICs on the main control board are listed below. There is an ethernet module mounted inside the control module. It appears that this is the main processor for the lights. The DMX address and serial number of lights are programmed into this unit. The ethernet interface to this module has not been identified yet. Technical Information about the Netburner ethernet module.

How to Mount a Tire Changer Without Bolting to the Floor

The power supply is a VAC input and The power supply is sealed in a waterproof enclosure and the wires come through the enclosure via waterproof sealing glands.

The power supply has an input power cord on one end and has a red and black 16ga wire on the other end that connects to the control housing. Midway between the power supply and the control housing there is black shrink wrap on the red and black power leads.

tir floods

If you carefully remove the heat shrink, you will find blue "bullet" type connectors that can be separated by pulling them apart.Remember Me? Front Page What's New? Results 1 to 16 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

I typically like floody lights for close range but sometimes think the tight beam reaches out really well and is good for looking for bad guys at night.

You wouldn't think that Surefire lumens coming out of a TIR lens would look brighter than 1, lumens So with the TIR and an F04 diffuser you have an insane beam that really can't be beat in my opinion, and flood whenever you need it.

Originally Posted by fresh eddie fresh. Last edited by afdk; at PM. Governments should be afraid of their people". Zombie thread want lumens!

The answer is, of course, both. TIR optics produce a beam with a big fat bright hotspot, and dim spill that's still very useful in the dark, even if it's not noticeable with ambient lighting When it's not really needed anyways. Great for small throwy lights, or as a handheld spotlight to point things out Standard reflectors are, well, standard reflectors, and good too, especially when you want more of a floody beam to really light up something.

I have a few with TIR optics and they work very well.

tir floods

TIR's and beautiful beams. But all my reflectored lights also work well at doing what they need to do. Either option works well when it's the "right" option for what you need from the light. I'm glad I have a choice! I've been looking for a M60W but they tend to be quite expensive and hard to find. Originally Posted by CheepSteal. Anyone have any experience with Nailbender's TIR optics?

The lights has a middle of the road throw and a really great spill.Numerous severe storms with damaging winds, large hail, and tornadoes are likely from east Texas to South Carolina on Sunday.

Several strong tornadoes may impact portions of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama Sunday afternoon and evening. Storms with damaging wind and possible tornadoes will continue through Sunday night across Georgia and South Carolina. Heavy rain may also cause flash flooding. An unseasonably strong storm system by January standards impacted the region January The bulk of the event occurred overnight and into the morning hours on the 11th. Rainfall totals ranged from 2 to 5 inches, which resulted in widespread areal flooding and flash flooding across the region.

Damage surveys revealed 12 tornadoes occurred, with the majority occurring in western Kentucky. Several barns were damaged or destroyed including one that had its roof thrown several hundred yards into trees.

Power lines were downed and 13 empty rail cars were tipped over along the path. A couple of homes received some minor damage. Track Map. One barn received some partial damage to its roof. Damage continued to just south of the Wranglers Campground.

Massive Storm Floods Our Trails + EcoDiesel JL Order Update *Modified Jeep JK Off-road Adventure*

The tornado could have crossed into Lake Barkley and Donaldson Creek, but no evidence was found further east. The heaviest area of damage was south of Wranglers Campground, where many dozens of trees were snapped and uprooted. Just south of the track a microburst occurred where many trees were snapped and uprooted. It continued east northeast to just southwest of Cadiz. There were several homes with minor roof damage and one that had moderate roof damage.

One metal building had its garage door blown in. A large branch fell on a vehicle at one residence. A carport was shifted off its supports. One business was destroyed.

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